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DCP is currently compiling information on the distribution and status of the dhole (as recommended by the IUCN Action Plan for Canids). We would be grateful if you could spare the time to fill in our questionnaire below.  Please provide information on any protected areas you are familiar with (or indeed any unprotected areas where you know dholes are found) within the dhole's range. Obviously, it is equally useful if you tell us about any protected areas you know of where the dhole is no longer found, or has never existed.

We are particularly keen to gather information from people with detailed and/or long-term (more than a few weeks) knowledge of protected areas. Your help is much appreciated!


(1) Name and address of the Protected Area :
(including country, lat/long is welcome, but not essential)


Longitude latitude

(2) Your name and address: (include email address if available and your profession if relevant)



(3) Have dholes ever been present in this area over the last 100 years?
Yes No Unknown

(4) Are there dholes present in this area now? Yes No Unknown

(5) When was the dhole last seen, or known to be present in this area?
(please explain how you know)?

(6) Over the last 10 years do you believe that dhole numbers in this area have been:
(a) stable (no obvious diff.) (b) increasing (c) decreasing (d) extinct or (e) unknown?
Please explain your reasoning:

(7) What is the dhole population like in this area?
If possible estimate the minimum and maximum numbers of:

and/or packs  

On average dholes are sighted (by any staff/visitors) about once a:
Please explain your reasoning:

(8) Please give details of any factors that may threaten the dhole in this area, or may have caused its local extinction if no longer present.

(9) What is the source of your information about dholes (please give citation details if from a publication, or just say how you know)?

(10) What are the vegetation types in this area?  
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Please specify any vegetation type that's present but not listed:

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(12) Please send any other information, comments, or survey contacts by email.

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