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Naresh Bedi's film, "the Whistling Hunters" (BBC Wildlife on One, 1989) provides a good introduction to the dhole! It has some excellent footage of wild dogs in Periyar Reserve, southern India.  

A Wildlife On One film has been made by the BBC entitled "India's Wild Dogs: the Wild Bunch".   It contains superb action shots and close up footage of dholes in Kanha National Park, central India.  There are also rare and captivating scenes of golden jackals hunting as a pack,  and of interactions between dholes and tigers.  Much of this fine camera work is credit to the late film maker, "Chip" Housman, as well as Hugh Miles. The Wild Bunch was first broadcast on 1/10/00.  Like the Whistling Hunters before it, there was little mention of the dhole's threatened and declining status.

Some Scientific Papers and Books

Because there have been few detailed studies on the dhole, relatively little has been written on the subject. Below are a few of the key references that helped in writing this web site. The book by M.W. Fox is recommended for those without a scientific background, and the paper by J. Cohen provides a concise review (though lacking some more recent information).


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